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1. Title: Rig Up Animation

Description: This video illustrates the process of rigging up an onshore platform.
Duration: 2:16mins

2. Title: Jack up Rig Move

Description: This video is an animation demonstrating the process of moving a jack up rig.
Duration: 1:36 mins

3. Title: Connection on Drilling Rig

Description: The videos show the process of making drill pipe connections.
Drilling Rig in Alberta 2:04 mins
Making a connection with kelly 3:18 mins
3D Animation 3:32 mins

4. Title: Drilling Rig Tour

Description: This video shows an actual drilling rig and some of the activities in there.
Duration: 5:57 mins

 5. Title: Tragic Accidents

Description: The videos captured real blow-outs.
Fire in oil tower 14 1:35mins
Equipo Fire 2:56 mins
Collapse of an offshore platform 1:41 mins

6. TitleDrilling Process

Description: Drilling for oil and gas is a complex process. The videos below provide basic knowledge of drilling process. Before drilling, the site must be carefully chosen. Then the land is prepared and access roads should also be built. A reserve pit must also be dug on the ground for the disposing of mud and rock. The next step is arranging the rig equipment. When the rig is complete set up, workers can begin the drilling operation.
Basics of oil drilling process 2:13 mins
Appraisal CBM Drilling Process 4:12 mins

7. Title: Drilling in Extreme Environments

Description: Many oil and gas operators are trying to drill in deep water and remote environments. Deepwater exploration and development present a range of challenges, from working environments, constructing wells to maintaining production.
Extreme Oil Drilling 3:03 mins
How a deep-water well is drilled? 5:31 mins
Challenges 3:38 mins
Deep sea drilling 14:52 mins
Shell Mars B Deep-water Project 1:33 mins

8. Title: Directional Drilling

Description: Directional drilling is defined as the practice of controlling the direction and deviation of a wellbore to a predetermined underground target.
How the drill bit is steered? 2:07 mins
Directional drilling 3:34 mins
Horizontal Directional Drilling 1:36 mins
The next generation drilling 5:09 mins

9. Title: SEDCO 711 Semi-submersible Drilling Rig

Description: SEDCO 711 can operate in water depths up to 1,800 feet. The video shows an offshore drilling program highlighting the underwater drilling operation from March to October 2007.
Duration: 6:38 mins

10. Title: Overview of Petroleum Industry

Description: The following links provide some key knowledge about petroleum industry.
How the Earth was form? 15:50mins
Petroleum Exploration 9:22 mins
Contracts & Regulations 9:58 mins
Reservoir Performance 14:55 mins
Formation Evaluation 14:56 mins
Drilling a Well 9:16 mins
Well Completion 14:17 mins

 11. Title: Drilling Operations and Components

Description: This is a presentation providing an overview of drilling operations and its components. Although it is quite long, it covers many important topics such as drilling technology, drilling history, seismic exploration and logging.
Duration: 196 slides


 12. Title: Hydraulic Fracturing

Description: This video shows the process of drilling and hydraulic fracturing of a shale gas well.
Duration: 15.56 mins